How To Find And Create Your First 5 Pillar Blog Posts

How to find and create your first 5 pillar blog posts

What Type of Blog Post Can You Write When Starting Your Blog To Attract Visitors To Your Blog?

Pillar blog posts are blog posts that focus on the core topics/questions in your blog niche. They act as a foundation on which the blog takes its form, which is why they need to be detailed and well-written.

Such posts help add quality to your blog as it shows your readers that you are well knowledgeable in your niche. Also, due to their rich content, they can help your blog rank high in SERPs.

This article will explain the processes involved in creating a pillar blog, so if that is what you want to do, sit back and read.

Below getting to the ‘how to’’, let’s consider some features that make up a pillar blog post;

  • Topic: A pillar blog post should have a relevant topic. The topic should cover major keywords in the niche and also answer major questions.
  • Content: A pillar blog post should have valuable and reliable information in its content. The content should be very rich for it to attract readers, and proper formatting is also essential.
  • Length: A pillar blog posts should have a good word length. An ideal pillar blog post should have nothing less than 500 words.
  • Links: A pillar blog post should include CTA with links that direct readers to other posts. It could be a link to download a file, buy a product, or read more on a particular topic.
  • Images: A pillar blog post should include relevant images. Images are essential for content quality; you can also make use of an infographic.

How to find and create your first 5 pillar blog postsHow to Create Your First Five Pillar – Blog Posts

The steps below will discuss how to create your first five-pillar blog post;

Finding the Topics

Finding the pillar topics to write on is the first step to creating pillar content. Of course, you cannot write any post without having a topic to write on. Since pillar posts are posts that discuss the core topics in your blog niche, your pillar topics should be the core keywords of your blog niche. You would need about 5 of them to create your first five pillar blog post.

If your niche is not very broad, you can quickly come up with the core topics yourself. Otherwise, you should carry out core keyword research to find them. Free keyword finding tools like Google Keyword Planner and can be handy. Try to come up with up to 10 relevant keywords/questions in your niche and narrow down to the best 5. Whatever your topics are, make sure they meet the needs of your target audience.

Writing Content

When writing the contents of your pillar blog post, some things need to be put in place. First of all, you need to decide on the post type. There are two major pillar post type you can use, and they are;

  • How to: This post type explains how something can be done, the processes involved. This post type is ideal for gaining authority. Readers will look up to you as a teacher lecturing them on how to do a particular thing. Take, for example, if you are running a fitness blog, you can write on “how to create a workout schedule.”
  • Listicle: This is a list post and is more ideal for driving traffic to your blog. In such post type, you are expected to list out relevant items/resources as regards to your post topic. Still, with the fitness blog example, you can write an article listing ideal exercise for weight loss.
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After deciding on your post type, it is time to do research and write. As you research, create your writing outline and choose relevant subheadings to use. If you have some personal experiences on the topic, the work will be easier since you are familiar with it. Otherwise, intense research should be carried out, so you dish out premium information. As you write, you should format properly, make sure your word count is up to par, and cite only relevant reliable sources.

With your content created, the next thing to do is to publish it so your readers can read.

Creating a Blog Post on WordPress

Below are the steps involved in publishing a post on WordPress;

Creating a blog post on WordPress

Entering contents

  • Log into your WordPress dashboard
  • Click on Posts and then Add new
  • Enter the title of your blog post
  • Enter the contents of your post

Setting Post Categories

  • From the right-hand tab, Click on categories
  • Select the post category

Setting Post Tags

  • From the right-hand tab, Click on Tags
  • Enter the post tags and separate with a comma (,)

Adding In-article Images

  • Click on the image icon
  • Click Upload
  • Select the image from its location on your PC
  • Click Enter

 Adding Featured Images

  • From the right tab, click on Set Featured Image
  • Click on Upload files and then select files
  • Select the image from its location on your pc
  • Allow the image to load
  • Enter Alt Text, and Description in the right tab
  • Click on set featured image

Finding Images for Your Blog

You do need images for your blog, and it is not recommended for you to just make use of any image you see online. You need unique images free from piracy protection to avoid copyright issues.

If you can, it is always easy to take pictures of yourself. Nothing beats having your original unique images. Otherwise, you can get quality images for free on sites like Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay.

You can also purchase from photographers on Shutterstock or Adobe Stock Images.


If your blog is a new one, it is essential to create pillar posts – up to 5 for a start.

They will help boost your blog standard by driving in traffic and offering quality to your readers.

However, it does not end with just creating these posts. Ensure that you update your pillar posts with new/recent information when they come up.

Now, It’s Your Turn

What are the likely five blog posts you might love to write for your new WordPress Blog after reading this post?

Let’s hear you out in the comment section below.

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