The Best 3 Ways To Get Huge Traffic To A New Blog

The 3 Best Ways To Get Huge Traffic To A New Blog

How Do Get Traffic to Your New Blog Easily and Without Wasting Time, Effort or Money?

You have just started your blog, and you are wondering how do you get traffic to your blog?

I’ve been in your shoes before.

I started my first primary blog –, in 2012, after sacking my boss. After a year, I got almost no visitor to the blog, and I shut it off. In all ways, the blog failed miserably.

I took some months off blogging and then re-branded that same blog to come up with, and for the first six months, I work my ass off to not repeat the same mistake I made with my first blog.

My major problem with the first blog is I don’t do much to get traffic to the blog. I was just written some half-asses contents and expecting visitors to show up. That never happened.

For my second try, I spend most of my time every day connecting with other new authors on Linkedin and Goodreads – two major places I found my audience for the blog are hanging out in large numbers.

I improved on the quality of my content and spend all the time I can manage to share my stuff, answer questions, and interact with authors on Linkedin and Goodreads.

My hard work paid off after the sixth month of laboring day and night to get visitors to my blog.

I got a coaching gig from a client in Canada the six months for $1200, and that was the beginning of my big break online.

Things aren’t the same as they use to be then.

It’s way easier to get traffic to a new blog now.

But if you don’t do the right thing, there is a good chance that you can waste time and a lot of effort doing the stuff that doesn’t give much return in traffic to your blog.

In this post, I will show you a no-BS guide to how you can get traffic to your new blog quickly without wasting time.

I will also show you the three best and easiest ways to get traffic to your new blog.

A spoiler alert – two of these methods cost you nothing but some upfront work. But these are methods that don’t require you to do the hard stuff of spending hours every day as I did then.

Without wasting time, let’s dive right in.

For a new blog, I always recommend the two best ways to go about getting traffic to a blog. Click To Tweet

These are the best two ways that won’t waste your time or will need you to do all the stuff you might not be able to keep up with along the line.

1. Organic traffic via Google and Pinterest (The Slow and Steady Method)

This is what I’d consider as something to do over the long-haul for your blog.

You'll need to create content that solves specific questions. Click To Tweet

In one of my previous posts here, I talked about the first five pillar blog post you need to create for your blog before launching out.

These posts are to be as detailed and valuable as possible to attract people to your blog and also make them come back.

A great example of such a pillar blog post was one of my posts on my personal blog I created to be tremendous valuable resources for single who are finding it hard to get over a breakup.

In that article, which is almost 5000 words long, I provided an in-depth analysis of what happens in the mind of “the dumper” and how “the dumpee’ might feel and react. This post offers a practical insight into how to deal with a breakup and how to move on and come out stronger for it.

It answers a lot of questions about a breakup. It took me two days to write that post in which I share my own experience dealing with my last two nasty breakups.

It put a lot of work in writing that post.

BUT…. it was meant to answer many of the questions that anyone coming out of a breakup will love to have answers to.

Google loves such posts, and even though it might take months to have it rank significantly, but it surely worth it at the end.

And once it started ranking on Google search engine results, traffic will come pouring in.

A good example of this type of post is three posts I wrote in 2015 about How Authors can use Facebook Ads to sell books. One of the posts has brought almost half of the traffic I get on Authors Crib every day while the other two are performing well too.

I had also get more than five book marketing clients when I was doing a done-for-you-book marketing service years ago, and I have sold a lot of my Facebook Ads For Book Marketing Book through those free traffic that comes to my blog from Google and Bing.

But the problem is that …it takes time. But that’s one wait that can be profitable.

Pinterest, on the other hand, has been a fantastic revelation for me from late 2019 till now.

I have wished I had understood the considerable traffic potential I can get from that third biggest search engine after Google and Amazon.

In less than a month, I made my first affiliate product sale on my eCommerce website in the women’s beauty and fashion niche.

And it’s straightforward to get a result from it as long as you can have great content to feed your potential audience and also the time to design great pins or the money to hire someone to create one for your blog posts.

Having seen the result, I can get from Pinterest both organically. I can’t ignore that channel again in getting loads of traffic to my blogs and business websites.

Pinterest takes some time as well but one that is shorter than the time it takes to get result from Google search Click To Tweetbut I also love the fact that with Pinterest, a pin no matter how old it is can keep been discovered, reshared and repinned while also getting traffic back to your blog.

This is one reason why I am spending more resources and time on Pinterest than Facebook or Twitter.

I surely spend no time on Facebook other than the one I spend to create and optimize ads for getting traffic.

With Facebook and Twitter, your posts are temporary and, in no time, buried in the sand of noises that abound on those platforms. I instead spend my time where my effort and resources devoted to putting content out can be rewarded every day as long as the platform is existing.

You should pay more attention to Pinterest if you are starting your blog Click To Tweetthan Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram (one that isn’t a blogger or traffic friendly).

With these been said, let’s take a look at the second option that brings quick results as soon as you want it.

2. Facebook Ads (The Quick, Kick and Start Method)

In 2019, I spent thousands of dollars on Facebook ads to send traffic to my eCommerce website, and it’s one of the best business decisions I made in my eight years of being an online entrepreneur.

It was a difficult start to say, and I lost a lot before I started understanding the best ads to create, how to target well, and how to scale a winning campaign.

But at a later stage, I made $3 for every $1 I spent, and that is an amazing one for my businesses.

The beauty of Facebook ads is that you can essentially put it on like a tap mouth and have it up and running working for you Click To Tweet to get traffic to your blog.

I wished there was something like this in 2012 when I started my first blog that failed miserably.

But today, it’s available to you as a new blogger, and in few days, you can get tons of eyeballs to your blog posts, test out products and services and even make money from your blog without wasting any time.

It’s a simple option but one which can burn your money if you don’t know what you are doing, but also, you can determine how much you want to spend, which makes it more interesting.

For $5 a day, you can create an ad, choose an image or video and texts to promote your blog post… and that is it.

With that, you can get what you have to offer on your blog to your target audience right in their news feeds.

With Facebook as well, you can also create your ads based on what your goals are.

There are different objectives you can use to get tons of new eyeballs to your blog daily.

For getting people to read your blog post, you can use the Traffic Objective while to get traffic to your landing page for people to join your email list or to sell a low price product, you can use the Conversion Objective which is you telling Facebook to show your ads to people who are likely (from their history using Facebook) to take the required action of option for your email or buying what you are selling.

Facebook ads targeting option also makes it too easy to reach just the right kind of people you want to reach with your ads.

The only drawback from this option is that you need to have a budget for ads and at the beginning, before you get used to the platform to know how best to use it and how to make it work, you can lose some money upfront, but generally, the upside is more than the downside.

I lost some hundred dollars before I started getting a result, but I made all those losses back when things began to work.

What About Posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?

It’s fine to use all these methods and platforms, but if you are reading this, know my goal for any new blogger is not waste time doing things that don’t matter much or bring many results to make it worth the time spend doing them.

Posting on Facebook, joining, and spamming the heck out of Facebook groups as well as Twitting and posting pictures on Instagram seem cool but time-consuming, and your have little return back from those activities over time.

Few people will see your post on Facebook among your page’s fans while you are not sure the post will ever be seen much or discovered organically in months to come.

For Twitter, if you love it and enjoying tweeting, you can make something good out of it, but I know the noise is too much on that platform, and tweets have a short lifespan before they get buried off in the piles of tweets over there.

Instagram, for all its fanciness, restrict how much traffic you can get from your pictures by only allowing clickable links in your bio.

The 3 Best Ways To Get Huge Traffic To A New Blog (1)What You Should Do When Starting A New Blog

If you don’t have money to spend on Facebook ads, for long term results and a more better return for time spend, Pinterest is a better place to spend your time and effort to get traffic back to your website.

And in all you do on your blog about the type of content you create, make sure there is content that:

This post isn’t about SEO, but there is a lot to learn on how to optimize your blog for SEO. One useful resource you can learn from is Neil Patel’s blog. He is one of the best go-to resource people for a topic like SEO online. You can use his SEO tool to analyze the SEO health of your blog- that tool is such a useful one you need.

Your Best Takeaway From This Post Should Be:

Blogging is hard on its own.

From researching valuable content to writing them to get traffic and selling your products and service, it’s not an easy task.

But getting enough traffic to your blog makes the whole thing easier because if you have enough traffic, you can quickly test what your audience wants and how they want it while you can also quickly test out various products or services to see what works to bring in the big bucks.

But you should not waste time or effort getting traffic, and with Google and Pinterest, which doesn’t need more capital to get a result from, you can be up and running with enough traffic over time.

And for the quick gain, Facebook Ads is your best bet.

Feel free to use any other method but know there are prices to pay in the short and long run for doing all of those fancy stuff.

One takeaway for you from this post is this:

When starting, lay much emphasis on the quality of your content than quantity as well as consistency in doing that. Click To Tweet

Then focus your attention on optimizing your post for SEO while also building your Pinterest presence, which is easier with scheduling tools like Tailwind and image design tool like Canva (which cost nothing to use and you enjoy almost all the features you need to make great looking pins). If you signup for Tailwind here, you get a $15 credit for FREE to get started.

And if you have some budget, learn how Facebook ads work and use that to get some quick gains to help motivate you to keep showing up working on your blog consistently.

You need that kind of motivation when starting a new blog anyway.

Now, Your Turn

After reading this post, what are your plans to start optimizing your blog posts for SEO, building your presence on Pinterest, and learning how Facebook Ads works?

Let’s hear you out in the comment box below. I will be available to offer a critique of your ideas and to answer any questions you might have right in the comment section.

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